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(Pocket-lint) - The Steve Jobs tributes have begun rolling out, some consisting of simple things like Apple switching out the white lights in store signs, or in other cases flowers outside shops. Many, however, take things one step further, showing the commitment Apple fans have to the company and Steve Jobs.

First up is an incredible video produced by one avid Apple fan and YouTube user. In what must have been a sampling nightmare YouTuber AzRmusic has succeeded in creating an entire song, drum beat and all, out of only Apple sounds. It uses things like the Mac startup note and the beep played when an iPod or iPhone is connected to help bring the song to life. On top of this is a selection of iconic Steve Jobs quotes. 


We wonder just how long and how much Apple equipment would be required to grab and cut and edit all those sounds together into a single track. Currently sitting at around 70,000 views on YouTube, we wouldn't be surprised if this one doesn't go into the millions.

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Next up is this piece of post-it note based Steve Jobs graffiti that appeared outside the Munich Apple store. It took 4001 post-it notes to create and by the looks of the time lapse video, around a day to finish.

A Facebook page dedicated to the post-it note epicness points to a 6-hour build time and 400 metres of duct tape being used

Expect plenty more amazing Steve Jobs tributes to appear. Pocket-lint has its radar switched on and will be updating with anything decent we spot. 

Seen anything exciting on the Steve Jobs tribute front? Let us know in the comments below ... 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.