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(Pocket-lint) - The people who brought you the hit retro iPhone app Hipstamatic are at it again with the launch of another camera converter for your handset.

Hipstamatic D-Series is set to bring back the film feel to your digital photography by preventing you from actually looking at your pictures the second after you’ve snapped them. Working like an old disposable camera, you have to finish all 24 shots before it’ll let you go back and review how they all came out. Sounds crazy to begin with but try not to think about coming almost full circle and it might just be crazy enough to work.

"It’s an opportunity to bring back the idea that you have this roll of film and you shoot with it, and you think about what you’re seeing in the moment, more so than snapping a photo and looking at it, deleting it or taking another one," said Lucas Buick founder of Synthetic, the company behind Hipstamatic, when Pocket-lint met up with him and partner in crime Ryan Dorshorst in London.

"It really is a completely different way to experience photography that a lot of people have forgotten about, but it wasn’t so long ago that people don’t remember it, and that’s the key."

Unlike Hipstamatic, Hipstamatic D-Series will be a free download. The cost comes in if you wish to purchase more than the one lens that it comes with but, if you're happy to stick with what comes in the box, the standard settings will automatically reload every time you finish the film.

It might sound odd but the idea behind D-Series is to recapture some of the magic of how we used to take pictures with the feeling of excitement and surprise when you finally get your shots back to look at, at the end of the day. While this is only a step towards that, the Synthetic team did talk long and hard about the idea of combining the app with its Hipstamatic print service, Hipstamart, so that the first time you get to see your photos is when the hard copies get sent to you in the post.

"It’s the coolest idea ever but we can’t use an in-app system for it," explained Lucas.

"We’d have to take your credit card details when you downloaded the app and you’d end up paying to shoot stuff that you can’t even see. I could already see the one star reviews."

Hipstamatic D-Series will be out before the end of October 2011 with plenty more in the pipeline in the coming year.

There'll be more from our catch up with the chaps from Synthetic in the coming days. Until then, you can find out what happened when Pocket-lint went back to film and film only for 7 days.

Writing by Dan Sung.