Yes it's Halloween; and although we try to resist the over-zealous marketing ploy of various supermarkets who are increasingly urging us to spend/consume/celebrate in way that's truly unwholesome - we're not shy of bashing together a Halloween round-up.

That's because, while they're usually our bestest friends, this specific collection of gruesome calamities highlights the myriad ways that the humble gadget - whether that be mobile phone, microwave or hearing aid - is capable of making your day bad.

We've tried to steer clear of the wider area of technology, otherwise the gadget death roundup would be filled with a never ending stream of gun-related murder, which clearly wouldn't be half as entertaining.

So dim the lights, sit back and prepare to be scared/sickened as we look at the best/worst gadget-related death scenes from the world of film. Click on the link in the title to watch the video on YouTube - embedding was disabled for many of these.

Starting with the audio/visual side of things (visual up next) we have an absolute classic vampire death scene from the teen horror The Lost Boys. Strictly speaking Sam, the child vampire in question, kills the undead blood sucker in a far more traditional fashion: a crossbow bolt through the heart.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 2

However the force of the bolt sticks into the stereo behind delivering a nasty shock to old vamps. The question is, therefore: what's the stereo-to-crossbow-bolt death ratio? Answers on a postcard.

It's also arguable whether the television is the actual cause of death in this scene from Ringu, although it certainly contributes; without the TV we can't see how the scary girl can physically morph from one medium to the other in order to carry out her evil deed.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 3

One thing is certain however, she definitely wants to get down the docs, as that's the worst case of "nasty eye" that Pocket-lint has seen in a long time.

The humble Coke machine is definitely your friend, usually providing a healthy supply of decidedly unhealthy cold beverages. However, for various reasons we're not going to expand upon right now, this one has taken it upon itself to rid the town of the resident little league baseball team. Its method? Some highly accurate fizzy drink can firing.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 8

And that's not all this clip from the film Maximum Overdrive provides, as you also get some possessed steam roller action absolutely free - bargain.

Another double-bill for you, this time involving a food mixer and a microwave oven from the classic 80s comedy horror, Gremlins. Now normally we wouldn't condone the act of placing any pet in either of these devices, as apart from the mess you're likely to get a visit from the RSPCA and more than likely banged up or, at least sectioned - and rightly so. 

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 9

However, when the pets in question are causing a very real threat of death to your family, as well as that of the whole of humanity, we'd suggest using every kitchen gadget you can lay your hands on. 

A truly unwholesome clip from the film See No Evil; not a movie Pocket-lint had come across before. The use of a phone as a method of killing another human being is not something we're at all familiar with, and so we weren't at all sure how the process would work - needless to say it's unpleasant.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 5

The murderer in question clearly has some quite profound mental health issues, and although, to an extent this acts as an explantion for his terrible crime, it's in no way an excuse. It's just unfortunate the victim wasn't carrying the new HTC Titan, a handset so big her assailant would have found impossible to stuff down her throat - thereby giving up on the whole murder thing and letting her go... probably

This seriously random way of causing death came out of left field when we were researching for this feature, so we suppose it's fitting that its a nightmare scenario, or rather Nightmare on Elm Street scenario.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 4

The hearing aid in question attaches itself in a rather gruesome fashion to the surrounding tissue, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the device, said sensitivity being used by Freddie for his evil ends.

We say "sort of" because we're not absolutely sure whether Harry's partner buys the farm in this, rather he just looks badly hurt.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 6

Even so, it deserves its addition, not only for the film's use of using a child's hi-tech toy as a weapon, but due to the incredible driving skills of the would-be assassin. A great movie scene, despite not being very Halloweeny.

One of the most iconic cinema images must be of the HAL 9000 super computer staring out to the viewer with its emotionless red, glowing eye.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 7

In this scene HAL decides the ill-fated mission to Jupiter would be much better off without the majority of the human crew. Simple yet terrifyingly effective, the scene optimises Kubrick's skilful working of Clark's novel. 

Great film, great scene. One of Stephen King's most imaginative efforts is brought to life by director John Carpenter. The supernatural car, Christine, embarks on a mission on changing and controlling the personality of geeky school kid, and owner of Christine, Arnie.

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 10

Needless to say the car takes out a few people along the way, and this strange premise somehow works with cast and story coming together to bring some excellent supernatural automotive horror.

This scene from Goldfinger isn't all that scary, but the whole thing exudes quality and has one of best, cheesy lines in the whole of the James Bond series. Enjoy!

greatest deaths by gadgets halloween movie special image 11

Can you think of any we've missed? Let us know in the comments...