Flickr, the image hosting site with more than 50 million users, has finally come to the Android party - with its first official app hitting the Android Market.

As well as all the usual stuff you'd expect from a Flickr app, like photo browsing and managing your streams you can also use the in-app camera to create pictures using the custom filters that are available.

It's then easy to share your pictures with all the usual suspects; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on, all within easy reach from inside the app.

Flickr is pretty community driven and, as such, there's already an official Flickr Android App group where you can share pictures and get hints and tips from other users.

As well as the app, Flickr has also introduced a new feature called Photo Session which lets you bore your friends, sorry, share your pictures in real time - across multiple devices. Like a slide show for the 21st century.

The Flickr Android app is available now, as is Photo Sessions.