Shazam has updated the music tagging app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to now offer users unlimited tagging. Previously, users of the free app were restricted to 5 tags a month.

In addition, there will be a Goldentag sweepstake with the chance to win £15,000 (open to users in US, Canada and UK), just for using the app to tag songs.

The paid-for edition of Shazam, known as Shazam Encore, will continue to offer unlimited tagging as it did before, but comes with the benefit of no in-app advertising and LyricPlay, which will allow you to view the lyrics as you listen to the track.

Shazam is available across all seven major mobile phone platforms and the iOS app has over 40 million users. Shazam tells us that its users tag over 1 billion tracks a year and go on to purchase over $100 million in digital music. 

In addition to identifying tracks, Shazam will let you share those tracks you discovered by posting to Facebook or Twitter as well as including a link through to YouTube to watch related content.

As well as identifying music, Shazam has moved into TV show tagging too. David Jones, executive vice president of Marketing, told us how it had been working with various TV networks in the US to allow users of Shazam to unlock additional content linked to particular shows. Jones told us that more shows would be coming in November to help take your Shazamming further.

TV and commercial/advert tagging is currently only available in the US, but should be coming to the UK soon.

Shazam is available as a free download, or a £3.99 paid for app, on the Apple App Store now.

2 Unlimited will be ecstatic.