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(Pocket-lint) - Delicious is back. Whaddya mean you don't care and that it's not 2004 anymore?

Okay, fair enough - perhaps Delicious has seen its best days but it's now got Chad Hurley and Steve Chen at the helm, the chaps who founded YouTube, so it shouldn't be written off just yet.

Back in March, Pocket-lint reported how Yahoo was willing to sell the social bookmarking service for as little as $1 million, after forking out $15 million-ish to buy the service back in 2005. And in May, Hurley and Chen took over for an undisclosed fee.

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Unsurprisingly, the new Delicious has a hint of YouTube about it, with the major new feature - stacks - having more than a whiff of a YouTube playlist.

"After acquiring the service from Yahoo in April, we realised that in order to keep innovating over the long term, the eight-year-old site needed to be rebuilt from the ground up," read a blog post signalling its relaunch.

"The result is a new homepage, interface and back-end architecture designed to make Delicious easier to use."

As well as the stacks, there is simpler site navigation, multiple-word tagging and profile pictures. Bookmarks are now called links and all Delicious APIs and feeds are still supported.

"Our goal with stacks is to add more value to all the links being collected by the Delicious community," read the blog.

"Each new stack presents an opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to cool web content they haven’t seen before.

"We see this as just the first step on a long path to solving the discovery problem, and look forward to joining you on this exciting journey."

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.