Worried that you're not getting enough sleep? Or maybe you're concerned that the sleep you are getting isn't great quality and that your days are suffering as a result?

If so, and you don't fancy a trip down to a clinic to be wired up for analysis, then the Zeo Sleep Manager could be the solution.

Launching in the UK for the first time, the Sleep Manager is teaming up with mobile apps - both iOS and Android - saving you the need for an extra bedside station.

The ZSM has a headband (or a sticky pad solution) that attaches sensors to your forehead, and uses its own software solution to monitor your kip, giving you a breakdown when you wake up and also a score.

"Your ZQ score is a single number that represents your sleep quality," explained Ben Rubin, Zeo's VP and CTO in a briefing with Pocket-lint. "Some of the real power behind this technology and the reason that we're using brainwaves is that you get deep sleep and REM sleep breakdowns.

"Deep sleep is body restorative and REM sleep is mind restorative. So REM is your dream sleep, and you'll see your deep sleep boost when you do things like heavy exercise."

The breakdown is easy to read: it consists of a graph with different colours representing different stages of sleep and there's even a coaching side to the software, which helps you sleep better by monitoring you daily activities such as caffeine intake.

In the box you'll also get a handy wheel reference which lets you know the par scores and details about how long you should be in each sleep stage, depending on your age.

There's also an online portal where you can upload your data, and create personalised plans and goals.

The app doesn't need to stay open all night if you're worried about battery use for your phone, the ZSM connects via Bluetooth to your device and will upload your data whenever the two connect.

The advantage of keeping the app open is that you can make use of the Smart Wake function. With this feature, you set a time frame that you'd like to wake up between - i.e. 30 minutes either side of 7.30am - and the app will wake you when you're in a period of light sleep.

Rubin explained to us that it's normal to cycle through light, deep and REM through the night (with most of the deep occurring earlier) but it's detrimental to be woken by an alarm when you're in a deep period. So not only does the device give you a breakdown of how you are sleeping, it can also help you to feel better during the day.

The Zeo Sleep Manager launches on 26 October and will cost £89, you can pre-order it from Zeo now.

Pocket-lint will be taking it for a week long test run, so be sure to look out for it included in our "7 days living with" feature section some time soon.