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(Pocket-lint) - Back in July, Virgin Media set the web alight with its lightning fast 1.5Gb broadband trial in Shoreditch and now Hyperoptic has launched the first 1Gb residential product to UK.

You can't simply ring up an get the uberfast service on your BT line though, you'll need your building to have the full-fibre setup installed - that's why it's currently only large residential and commercial property management companies that can sign up.

If you can convince your co-tenants to get on board though, you're looking at a 1Gb connection that costs £50 a month, or 100Mb for £25 per month.

Currently Virgin's 100Mbps service is priced at £35 - £45 per month, while BT's up-to-40Mbps Infinity service costs £28 per month.

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Hyperoptic is also keen to stress that the advertised speed is the one you'll get, or at least 95 per cent of that.

Dana Tobak, MD of Hyperoptic said: "There is a preconception that fibreoptic is expensive and therefore, can not be made available to consumers. 

"At the same time, the UK is effectively lagging in our rate of fibre broadband adoption, holding us back in so many ways – from an economic and social perspective. 

"Our pricing shows that the power of tomorrow can be delivered at a competitive and affordable rate. This really is the driving force behind Hyperoptic and we’re thrilled to be the first to bring this exciting proposition to market."

Tobak and partner Boris Ivanovic were the brains behind Be Broadband - an ISP so successful that O2 paid £50 million for it in 2006 - so they know what they're doing.

To see if your area or building is ready for Hyperoptic broadband, check out the company's website.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.