A report from the DigiTimes is suggesting that the Nook Color 2 could be just around the corner - well, September to be exact, so very soon indeed.

The Nook Color 2 is the followup to the Android-powered Nook color, which had built-in mono speaker, universal 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and the ability to play back over 100 hours of audio from a single charge and 8GB of storage.

Marketed as an ebook reader, its Android credentials (thanks to an update) gave the old version somewhat of a tablet edge, with browsing and a social portal all available. Indeed this tablet slant continued with its standard backlit colour touchscreen display.

So what should we expect from the new addition, the Nook Color 2. Well the report states that: "E Ink will continue to supply e-paper backplanes for Nook Color 2, according to the sources." And this will come on a 7-inch display.

Which would be quite a development, as it would make it a big fish in a very small colour-E-Ink pond. Whether we believe the sources, however, is another matter entirely.

We'll keep you posted.