Epson has jumped feet first into the cloud printing revolution (oh, it is happening baby, believe it) by announcing that it'll be playing nicely with both Google and Apple for wireless printing.

The printing giant has announced compatibility with Apple AirPrint for iOS devices and Google Cloud Print for all of its major Inkjet models released from autumn 2011 onwards. That's around now we reckon.

"We're delighted users of Epson’s AirPrint-enabled printers will now be able to print directly from their iOS devices," said Ian Cameron, general manager of global communications at Epson.

"With AirPrint, no software or setup is required, so documents, photos and emails can be quickly and easily printed to any AirPrint-enabled Epson printer.

"Epson is all about providing customers with the maximum possible value," he added.

"Combining Epson’s state-of-the-art printers for enterprise and the home together with the options offered by Google Cloud Print, liberates busy Epson customers by allowing them to print whenever and from wherever they want."