The latest version of the Chambers Dictionary is dominated by "geek chic" with almost a quarter of the words added coming from internet culture.

The new words "herald a wave of geek chic, a more strident green agenda, and the way in which the recession has shaped how we speak today," said the publisher.

The additions of words such as "the cloud", "paywall" and "tweet" come a week after the Oxford English dictionary added a number of techy terms such as "retweet", "sexting" and "follower" to its latest addition.

"Social networking sites have created a real language of the net," said OED editor Angus Stevenson.

"We've noticed that new words come into currency much more quickly as a result of the internet, as people see friends, or friends of friends using new words and copy them."

David Swarbrick, managing director of Chambers, said: "With topical words...the dictionary holds up a mirror to life today. But just as important is the call made for us all to cut down on befuddling English."

Yh, no more befuddling da English kk? Lolz.