Accessory brand Proporta has unveiled designs for its next generation of iPhone cases and we were able to take a sneak peek. Although the products that we were shown are made to fit the iPhone 4, these won't actually be released for the current model. Although the maker couldn't confirm anything, we're guessing that this means that these will be the designs that we'll see hit the shops once the long-rumoured iPhone 5 is announced. 

The new hard shell cases include a range of prints from fashion bigwig Ted Baker as well as some primary coloured cases from surf brand Quiksilver - included versions for the female arm of the company, Roxy. As with all Proporta open-front cases, the new models will be supplied with screen protectors.

We also saw some Proporta-branded flip-top cases, with mirrors incorporated into the lid. The cases will be available in black, red and yellow, with each sporting a different pattern around the mirror. Each case has an alumunium inlay in the flip-up top to protect the phone. 

We'll bring you more details on prices and availability as soon as we know.