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(Pocket-lint) - Many things have changed over the last 9 years: the digital revolution continues to rage with barely contained ferocity and Pocket-lint has been bringing you gadget news and reviews in its inimitable style since its inception in 2003.

Keeping track of the rise of the smartphone or evolution of the digital camera is no mean feat; we’ve seen the rise of operating systems, the fall of technology companies, unexpected hits, unsurprising failures. We’ve experienced revolutions in technologies, the arrival of the consumer tablet, the explosion in apps, a step change in how we consume digital media and how we communicate and share with friends. This sea of change is the one on which we plot our own course.

Taking the editorial helm of Pocket-lint.com is a welcome challenge for me as I take on the role of Editor. I’ve been involved with Pocket-lint since its foundation in 2003 and was a regular author of reviews before taking on the Editor of Reviews post in 2008. I’ve been writing reviews, news and features as well as working behind the scenes on site design and refining editorial scope ever since. I now pass the reviews section into the capable hands of the incoming Ian Morris, whilst Rik Henderson and Dan Sung continue their sterling work as Editor of News and Editor of Features respectively.

But what of Stuart Miles? Stuart will still remain very much involved in the daily activity of the site, retaining a writing remit, but will concentrate on running and developing the business. Stuart will ensure that the site continues to go from strength to strength, growing in reach and influence, whilst working with me to ensure that Pocket-lint.com continues to bring you engaging and original content. 

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We’ll continue doing what we’ve always been doing, bringing you the latest news and reviews of the greatest gadgets and keeping you enlightened and entertained.

As always, you can contact us via the comments on every story, or via email on feedback@pocket-lint.com, or on Facebook or Twitter

Chris Hall, Editor

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.