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(Pocket-lint) - Yesterday, police arrested a 19-year-old man on one of the remote Shetland Islands, Scotland, believing him to be LulzSec co-founder and leader Topiary. And, by all accounts, it is widely believed that he does, indeed, go by that name online. However, reports suggest that he may not be the Topiary they were after.

The UK police force have described the raid on the Scottish suspect's home as a "pre-planned, intelligence-led operation", and the common thought is that they have indeed gotten their man; one who, along with the illusive Sabu, is a very high-ranking member of the hacking group.

For starters, Topiary's Twitter account fell silent on 21 July, with all tweets deleted save for one: "You cannot arrest an idea."

And, of late, the LulzSec website has been flakey at best, going up and down like a kid on a bouncy castle.

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But Daily Tech has been digging and reports that the latest arrest doesn't tie-in with the details recently revealed on website LulzSec Exposed. There, insiders have purportedly "doxed" (published details of) who they believe is Topiary (aka Warpstonelord aka Hombre de Mundo aka Tomtenisse), Daniel Ackerman Sandberg, a 22-year-old man from Uppsala, Sweden. They even have video of him protesting against Scientology in his homeland when part of Anonymous.

And while that isn't proof positive that Sandberg is Topiary per se, one of the chat logs leaked by anti-LulzSec "hacktivist" th3j35t3r, adds further weight to the claim.

The log dates back to June when Sandberg was first doxed, and, if true, shows that he was highly concerned by the revelation. Chatting to an unnamed source, this Topiary states, "If I go hide then people will assume the dox are right. So I'll just act like they failed hard."

He also goes on to say, "(As you know I stole this nickname from a troll last December, didn't work out so well). I'll just keep denying it until they try to go after the troll. Then they'll think that's me and harass him."

But the most telling part of the conversation is, "Just hoping that they'll take the bait. The fucker has been using Topiary for like a year, trolling everyone for no reason. So now we troll him, hope he's getting raided."

So that, and the fact that the conversation starts (from the other party) with "S'up Daniel" suggest that the police has arrested the wrong man, and may have been duped from the offset.

Either that, or the chat logs and doxing of Sandberg are fabricated and incorrect. With LulzSec, the one thing we do know is that nothing can surprise us anymore.

What do you think? Have the police got the right man? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.