A new service has been launched that allows you to experience the wonders of customising your own watch - to an extent - using a variety of coloured pieces to make it your own.

Launching at RED5.co.uk, the Vibe Watch appears to use four interchangeable and interlocking coloured elements in order to make your given timepiece a little more unique, and as it only costs £29.95 it shouldn't be too hard on your purse.

Not only do you get to change the colour of the face, strap, bezel and case, but there's also the option to have each element transparent - combinations are said to be around the 80,000 mark.

Given the weird and wonderful colour variations, the Vibe Watch seems more suited to children and given that they're splash proof they should stand up to the rigours of any summer holiday action. Saying that the watch is available in sizes for  men and women as well as kids.

Once ordered the parts of the watch will be sent to you to be assembled, so if you fancy a look you can have a play on the watch creator here.