ASP Technology, a Danish company specialising in scientifically-based solutions to help people avoid driving fatigue, has announced the Anti Sleep Pilot - a dashboard gadget that will help prevent accidents due to tiredness and sleeping at the wheel.

The Anti Sleep Pilot is a palm sized circular device that attached to your dashboard and is designed to prevent you sleeping, rather than waking you up when it could be too late.

It learns how tired you are, assesses your risk using "26 scientifically validated input parameters" and will then use a combo of lights, tests and sounds to keep you alert whilst you're on the road.

If you reach a "critical level" the Anti Sleep Pilot will give you a warning that it's time to take a break from driving and will even let you know once it's safe to begin again.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response that Anti Sleep Pilot has had in Denmark and the US,” sais Troels Palshof, CEO and founder of ASP Technology.

“It’s clear that we have hit on a problem which is found throughout the world. Driver fatigue causes too many deaths in the UK and the summer is when many families find themselves making long journeys as they go on holiday. By launching the ASP in the UK now, we hope that we can help reduce this sad figure and make motorists more attentive to their tiredness levels.”

With 20 per cent of all UK motorway accidents being caused by fatigue, the Anti Sleep Pilot sounds like a handy little piece of kit to keep you safer on the roads.

It's available now at Amazon and costs £129.95.