Evernote, the highly useful application which allows you to keep track of anything you want to remember online or in the real-world, has just had its Android tablet version unveiled.

The optimised app takes its inspiration from the iPad version that hit the App Store last year - presenting you first with a home screen that gives you an overview of your digital memories. This home screen features a new "Snippet View" for quick browsing and a left-hand panel that helps sort your notes.

The app also features a keyboard complete with shortcut buttons for new notes and a search function, making it easier to find the notes that you want. Your searches are saved as well and you can even choose to search for notes taken near your location - handy if you're looking for that restaurant a pal mentioned that you know is nearby. You can also use the map view to see local notes.

Sharing notes via Facebook or email is easy in the single note view and you can now create rich text notes - a feature missing from previous Android versions (and coming to iOS apps soon).

Finally, Evernote has also announced that its Android widget has been revamped, with a new large-view option now available and stated that the smartphone app is now "dramatically faster".

You can check it out for yourself - Evernote for Android is available in the Android Market now.