It's been out in beta for those in the know since June 2011 but the next generation of the Android keyboard that is Swiftkey has gone official. Swiftkey X is the name to look out for an the Market and Swiftkey X Tablet if you own a Post PC device.

Much the same as the beta version which we've already showcased, Swiftkey X adds a choice of new looks, support for 22 languages, multilingual use and an entirely new artificial intelligence engine guessing what it is that you're going to say next.

Perhaps the most interesting additions of all are the fact that the app will now scan not just what's on your phone but also your musings on Facebook, Gmail and Twitter too - so long as you give it permission to do so - and that Swiftkey X will even take into account touch pressure; so, how you use your fingers to type in case, for example, you often hit the G key when you're trying to type H.

"We used the first app to see what we got wrong," explains Jon Reynolds, CEO and founder of TouchType - the company behind Swiftkey.

"It's not a new version or an upgrade, it's a new product. Everything about it becomes personal to you and relevant to how you write. None of our competitors do that. They just give you a fixed product and leave it at that." 

swiftkey x and swiftkey tablet x arrive on android image 2

Swiftkey X is available now for free for anyone who has been a paid customer of Swifkey. Anyone looking to get in should do so within 24 hours of launch to benefit from a cut price $1.99 deal. After that, it goes up to $3.99.

If you're looking to enjoy Swiftkey X Tablet, then it's the same 1-day deal heading up to $4.99 after.

Anyone concerned about not wanting to move over to the new system should rest assured the TouchType will continue to support the original Swiftkey app long into the future.