StumbleUpon has revamped its original (cr-app) iPad app, launching version 1.4 which is much more in tune with the world's most popular tablet.

Taking its inspiration from Flipboard, the new StumpleUpon for iPad has a slick black UI and is very easy to use. All the familiar buttons from the desktop version are there (Stumble, favourites, home, like etc.) and you can even Stumble just by swiping.

As with any popular app, there is also a social aspect where you can see what other Stumblers liked, and you can also take a look at their profiles to see what other webpages tickled their fancy.

"I feel like stumbling is perfect for the iPad - for sitting on the couch. It never took off like we wanted," said Garrett Camp founder of StumbleUpon.

"We decided we were going to re-do it from the ground up. We re-did the interface. It’s much better than before. It’s almost like a black version of Flipboard."

The iPhone version of StumbleUpon has also had a spring clean - it now offers faster stumbling and new social aspects so you can see what other Stumblers like.

The app is in the App Store now, and is free.