The Guardian and its Sunday sibling The Observer are now available on the Amazon Kindle in ereader form - joining the like of The Times, The Daily Mail and The Financial Times.

Launching with a two week free trial option, the app "contains all your favourite content from our two papers, optimised for the best reading experience on Amazon's popular e-reader".

The newspaper will automatically download onto your device once you've set up your account and is available not just in the UK - but in more than 100 other countries.

The Guardian has also teased a new HP TouchPad specialised app that is coming soon called the Guardian Zeitgeist and has stated that work on its new iPad app is in the user testing period.

"Our objective has been to produce the most accessible, elegant interpretation of the Guardian newspaper for iPad and we hope we're close to achieving that aim," said Subhajit Banerjee on the Guardian blog.

"Rather than simply replicate the newspaper design for iPad, this project has provided an opportunity for us to redesign the newspaper exclusively in tablet form."