Andy Murray has beaten Rafael Nadal. Well, in the social media stakes anyway.

While we're yet to find out who's really through to the final of Wimbledon 2011, the company behind Brandwatch has created an infographic generator especially for the currently held London tennis grand slam tournament, and Pocket-lint has tested it out with Murray versus Nadal. With the Scotsman winning.

murray beats nadal in tweet tennis image 2

Wimblewatch is essentially a gauge on how popular a certain player or subject is on Twitter, in relation to the word "Wimbledon". It includes tweets from the last eight days of the event, and rates each from +5 to -5 on whether the mention was positively or negatively intended. For example, "Murray will never win Wimbledon" would rate negatively and therefore appear on the graphical court nearer the lower baseline.

In addition, the positioning of the tweets also depends on the amount of followers the original tweeter courts (pardon the pun); the more followers, the closer the baseline still.

Two subjects (players) can be chosen to go head-to-head and the winner is not simply determined by number of tweets, but also how positive the reaction.

And it is here that Murray has won. You can check it for yourself at

As for the real match, time will tell. Come on Henm... Er, Murray!

UPDATE: looks like Tweets alone weren't enough - Murray has lost to Nadal in the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.

Pic: David Quick