Opera Mini and Opera Mobile have both been updated to make your web searching easier.

Catching on to the notion that we're all just a bunch of lazy surfers really, Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 adds two automation options; auto complete and auto suggestions.

"As we are no fans of everyday annoyances, Opera today launched new versions of their browsers for mobile devices to make its users’ lives easier," read the official statement accompanying the releases.

"We listened to you and added suggestions. Search suggestions from Google and Yandex complement smarter domain recognition in this version update."

Opera Mini 6 and Mobile 11 landed in March - the tablet friendly browsers offering a smoother scrolling UI, pinch to zoom on supported devices and social network sharing options.

The difference between the two browsers is that Opera Mini reduces pages down to around a tenth of their size, saving you on data and making surfing quicker, and Opera Mobile is the whole shebang, complete with HTML 5 bells and whistles.

The Opera Mini 6 browser works on J2ME, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian/S60 phones and, since May the iPhone and iPad; and the Opera Mobile 11 browser plays nicely with Android, Symbian, Windows 7 desktop (labs release), MeeGo (labs release) and Maemo (labs release) platforms.

Grab them now from the relevant app stores, markets, marketplaces, centres, worlds or whatever other wacky name your application depot of choice uses. They're both free.