The app revolution continues at a pace, with SweeLabs' Pokki going live in beta form.

The San Diego startup's crack at the crowded app store arena takes a different approach from the norm however - there's no mobile angle here. It's desktop based with Windows 7 in mind.

Pokki definitely takes creative license from Apple's Mac App Store, but if the apps available on launch are anything to go by - Windows fans aren't going to be too concerned with the familiarity.

It's launching with eight apps on board - Gmail, Facebook, Living Social, Groupie, Wall Street Journal, Headlines, eBay and Tweeki (a Twitter client) - with the promise of more to come.

Apps (or Pokkis) are built using HTML5, CSS and Javascript - so it's all web based. You just need to install the ones that you want and they will appear on your taskbar.

"What we saw as developers and users were these fantastic app experiences on mobile and tablets that make it easy for consumers to discover and install apps in one-click, and easy for developers to distribute their apps," said SweetLabs co-founder Chester Ng.

"But, ironically billions of consumers spend a majority of their waking hours on the desktop, and the desktop experience is prehistoric.

"There’s a huge land grab going on between Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, but we believe that the world needs an agnostic app platform … and we’re in a good position to take a swing at it."

Pokki is available now for Windows users - a Mac version is planned for later this year.