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(Pocket-lint) - Fring, the IM client that’s on Android and iOS that announced "the world's first mobile group video calls" feature in April, is back with a new release - an iPad app.

And what's more, the group video calling feature is on board - which is handy as four heads on a phone's display did look a bit much.

Fring’s Group Video calling works cross platform as well, with iPad users able to chat and video call with Fring users on iPhone, Android and Nokia Symbian. With the iPad version there's some nice new features too, such as dragging and dropping of your pal's video streams.

"Fring is empowering tablet users to unleash the power of their 9.7-inch screens beyond movie watching and gaming to rich, fun personal video communication," said Avi Shechter, CEO and co-founder.

"With Group Video on the iPad, we are changing face to face video chat. Users will now be able to video socialize on big screen tablets enjoying seeing their friends wherever they are- as they commute, sunbathe at the beach or wait for coffee at a café."

It's free and it works with 3G as well as Wi-Fi - just beware that it might be a bit stuttery and will eat into your included data allowance. It's in the App Store now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.