comScore and GSMA, the chaps who revealed that the iPad had a whopping 89 per cent share of the global tablet web traffic, have also broken down the app usage data of the UK's mobile users.

Out of the 21.8 million mobile phone users in the UK, 8.8 million used a web connected app in April 2011, with Google Maps the most popular with almost 6.5 million unique monthly active users.

Yahoo Weather came in second, just to keep up the tradition of us being a nation obsessed with the weather, with over 3.5 million users and Facebook third with just under 3.5 million.

The results are for multiple devices and multiple operating systems and the application ranking is all part of the GSMA MMM product portfolio that was launched in February 2010, which aims to look at mobile internet behaviour and a detailed analysis of access methods.

“We are excited to release the first public census-level data from the GSMA and comScore on mobile application usage,” said Henry Stevens, media director, GSMA. “Apps have become an important entry point for accessing content on mobile devices and their usage will only increase with the rapid proliferation of smartphones. We look forward to delivering to the UK market these critical insights to help understand the mobile ecosystem.”

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