Is your Angry Birds addiction beginning to wane? Need a new mobile puzzler to waste hours of your life? Got an Android device?

Well, you're in luck as the ZeptoLabs' iOS classic, Cut the Rope, has finally arrived on the Google OS via the GetJar app store.

And what's more the game is free - going down the same route that GetJar took with its Angry Birds Android launch, it's ad supported.

But what's a few ads when you've got free access to 175 levels and the adorable Om Nom?

If you've not played Cut the Rope on an iDevice then allow us to fill you in with the basics. It's a simple premise (though highly addictive) - the aim of the game is to cut ropes in order to feed Om Nom who is rather fond of candy.

The environments are split into Cardboard, Fabric, Foil, and Gift - the various containers in which you keep Om Nom - and gameplay involves navigating the sweet, that's initially hanging from a rope, through various obstacles and hazards.

There are stars to collect along the way, which will help to unlock future environments, but aren't necessary to complete each level - much like Angry Birds.

It's an awesome little game, much loved at Pocket-lint towers, and a welcome addition to the Android line-up.