Could the spate of LulzSec-powered online hacks be coming to an end? Possibly, if reports emerging from an ex-FBI agent's Twitter account are to be believed. Confused? Read on for clarification.

E.J. Hilbert, the ex-FBI agent in question tweeted to say:

"It appears that the identities of the heads of @lulzsec that have been shared with me have been confirmed. All things come to an end."

There's been no response from the Sony hackers and so reports of LulzSec's demise may be greatly exaggerated, but if we can't pay credence to an "Ex-FBI Cyber Crime Agent, Criminal Mastermind" then what is the world coming to eh?

In other LulzSec news, the group has distanced itself from last week's Sega security issues - denying (via Twitter, of course) that it was behind the attack.

It tweeted "@Sega - contact us. We want to help you destroy the hackers that attacked you. We love the Dreamcast, these people are going down."

The Sega Pass system is still down, evidently, and it has been revealed that the attack occurred after it claimed to have put new security measures in place following the Sony attacks in April.