Pizza Express has cooked up an iPhone app that makes it easier to pay your bill when dining out at the popular chain.

The app allows you, using the security of PayPal, to settle your bill without any human interaction at all - handy if you're in a rush or you just don't like the look of your waiter.

The app also allows you to book a table at your local restaurant (after first locating it, of course), see special offers and vouchers, and view the menu.

Pizza Express has also began rolling out installation of free Wi-Fi within its restaurants, powered by The Cloud, as well as putting in place "revolutionary" new electronic point of sale facilities.

Last year Pocket-lint popped along to a Pizza Express restaurant that offered an iPod docking station - so it's clear the company wants to keep up with the times.

Mark Angela, chief executive of PizzaExpress said: "We knew there was no point just launching an app for the sake of it, so we waited until we had a system that could genuinely improve our customers’ experience of eating out at PizzaExpress. We believe today’s version does exactly that and we’re looking forward to developing it in the future."

The app is in the App Store now, and is free.