Pocket-lint has seen all sorts of flexible displays to date, but ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) showed off a rather unusually shaped model at Display Taiwan this week. More of an E Ink type solution than a standard monitor, the new tech is able to be rolled up when you're done.  

The display measures 100 x 24cm and was designed to look like a book scroll, albeit with a box of electronics in one end.

It's red and gold rather than the average hue of greyscale because the actual technology is Cholesteric LCD or Ch-LCD rather than E Ink itself. And, it can even be manufactured by the roll, so the length isn’t really an issue.

rollable e ink scroll found at display taiwan show image 2

The technology doesn’t require any form of backlight and is, apparently, very power efficient, according to those we spoke to on the ITRI stand.

For those wanting a pixel count though, we're afraid we don't have one - there was no mention of it, in fact, and the company was unforthcoming - but the Chinese characters displayed didn’t look pixelated at all. Very sharp.

Some of the potential uses for this technology could include re-usable low-cost advertisement displays and other large, but simple, screen usage where response time and colour wouldn’t be of importance.

In large parts of Asia, similar banners are also used for Chinese New Year greetings and the one demoed seems to have some kind of message related to the Republic of China’s 100-year anniversary. Unfortunately, our Chinese isn’t quite good enough to make out what it says.

Very nice, mind.

If you can translate the banner, let us know in the comments below...