Remember that rumour circulating the web this morning about a brand shiny new MacBook Air headed to Apple stores by Wednesday? Turns out it was a bit wrong. No brand new ultra-thin from Apple we're afraid, instead it looks like the US is set to get themselves unlocked iPhone 4s. 

Twitter user Chronic Wire posted a tweet earlier today that pointed to a MacBook Air refresh, citing updated store displays. Since then he has corrected this, explaining his source mixed up part numbers, instead pointing to unlocked iPhones.

Chronic Wire has made accurate product predictions in the past so don't expect the rumours to be totally unfounded. 

UK customers have been able to purchase unlocked iPhone 4s for some time now, with the US market being limited to Verizon and AT&T. The option to pick up an unlocked iPhone could appeal to travellers and businessmen who can swap to different networks when abroad, or for the first time, T-Mobile USA customers looking to use the phone on the network without having to work out how to unlock the handset. 

Not quite as exciting then as the possibility of a Sandy Bridge powered MacBook Air...But still we do love a good ol' fashioned Apple rumour.

UPDATE: Apple has just announced that it is selling unlocked GSM iPhones in the US.

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