Pocket-lint has taken the plunge and added Google's +1 button to the site. But what exactly is it? 

Well without making too many references to Facebook's 'Like' offering, it is essentially a way for you to let people know about something cool you have discovered on the interwebs. 

Google describes it as: "Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search."

The idea is that searches now also show how many people have +1ed a site, allowing you to judge from friends or others opinion whether you think it is worth a read or not. Once you have logged into your Google account, any contact's +1's will appear on searches, this makes it easier for you to share websites and interesting content.

To get +1 on the go you will need to create a Google profile. Then that which you have clicked +1 on will be stored on your profile, kept private or shown to the public, its up to you.

Still don't quite get it? Check out Google's instructional video below...and get yourself +1ing!