The battle of the £10 per month tariffs continues, this time with T-Mobile offering some new freebies to try and tempt the pay as you go brigade to their network.

A choice of three new tariffs is on offer, each based on what you most commonly use your phone for. The first is the text plan which allows for unlimited texts to UK mobiles once you top up £10, plus 100 to get you started if its your first payment.

Sadly the talk plan does not mean unlimited mobile chat. For £10 on the talk plan you get 100 minutes a month and 25 to use if it is the first top up. 

Finally there is the international plan guessed it....involves topping up .£10. This time you get 60 minutes calling abroad from the UK and cheap international calls.

Also involved are new 'boosters' which allow you to add extra minutes and texts to your pay as you go package. Another £20 for example and you can get six months of internet.

Those new to T-Mobile can grab a sim with online or in store, current customers are free to take advantage of the plans straight away.

Pay as you go? Or contract?...