Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has pointed to Macs as the weapon of choice for those in need of security. 

In a move that will undoubtedly spark Apple versus Windows comment-wars the world over, the ex-Apple board member said viruses are less likely to affect mac users. Keen not to upset Google too much, Schmidt did mention using Google chrome as a browser for increased security, also suggesting adopting the two tier identification connected with Gmail.

Google's email system is clearly one of the most secure out there when used properly. The US government has so much faith in it they recently announced they were to move institutions like NASA and even the Army over to Gmail. 

Apple's mobile security also appears to have got the one up on competitor Blackberry, with Obama sporting an iPad and the State Government gradually being moved towards the iPhone.

Despite concerns that Apple computers are facing increased threats from Malware like that of the MacDefender virus, they remain significantly safer than Windows options. 

Schmidt has criticised Microsoft at this year's All Things Digital conference for failing to, "drive the consumer revolution in the minds of consumers". Despite this he says Google has little concerns about Apple and Facebook as competitors, with Microsoft remaining its primary threat.