The crafty virus concoction continues, this time with email scams that entice potential victims with messages containing tempting gossip and stories. Be it celebrities or even video allegedly depicting the death of Osama Bin Laden, many of them are difficult to ignore.

The Romanian version of these particular emails cites a highly popular national TV station as a source for the alleged information pointing to its president's death. 

Those who open the emails will discover the information is totally false, finding instead their computers are infected by a particularly nasty piece of Malware. The virus, known as Dropped:Trojan.Fakealert.13085, is a powerful keystroke logger as well as password and credit card info gatherer. 

Schemes like this are becoming commonplace across the internet, with BitDefender Online Threat labs head Catalin Cosoi explaining:

"Using celebrities and sensational stories as bait for downloading malware is a popular tactic, and highlights how the social engineering element of a scam is often key to whether it succeeds or fails."

romanian president dead according to malware scam image 2

Obama's 'Irish incident' which saw his armoured car, nicknamed the Beast, has proven particularly effective as a virus spreading story incentive. 

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