Bar the play-off finals, the domestic English football season has come to a close and the table is complete, Manchester United won their 19th league title and Birmingham, West Ham, and the plucky Blackpool all suffered the drop. However, there's still one last thing to do: reveal the winner of the inaugural Pocket-lint Fantasy Football League... Unless there's a last minute super injunction...

...Nope? Righto, on we go.

The winner of the Pocket-lint Fantasy Football League 2010/11 is... Da, da, da... Joe Plumber, with his team N'gog we trust 4evra. He amassed a massive points total of 2,209 and as well as heading up our own table, he came 606th in the world - out of the 2,462,789 players who signed up to the official Fantasy Premier League 2010/11 (which we chose to host our league).

And for being the winner, he receives a club shirt of his choosing. So, Joe, get in touch with us via our Feedback Form, and let us know your details and shirt preference.

The other players who made the top five (out of 168 players in total) are Daniel Robinson, Fire Fred, Stephen Blears and Ricky Ogle. There's no prizes for the runners-up, but you get a hearty round of applause from us all on the Lint, and a hearty (virtual) hand shake. And there's the warm glow of knowing that you're better than a majority of your peers.

As for the Pocket-lint team ourselves, we sucked. Not one of us came in the top 100, so to shame us all, here's our final positions - very poo-er:

109 - Rik Henderson, editor of news: 1,722 points

111 - Dan Sung, editor of features: 1,709

152 - Chris Hall, editor of reviews: 1,502

156 - Paul Lamkin, contributing editor: 1,445

159 - Ben Crompton, production editor: 1,309

So that's that. Until next season, of course, where we plan an even bigger and better league with more prizes and regular updates. See you there...

Where did you come? Let is know in the comments below...