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(Pocket-lint) - Back in March Opera release Opera Mini 6 for J2ME, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian and now its iOS' turn to get in on the fun - with the iPad and iPhone version of Opera Mini 6 landing.

“I would compare it to walking onto the stage and hearing the roar of the crowd,” said Opera’s, CEO Lars Boilesen, when describing the feeling of letting the Opera Mini 6 browser out on stage in the App Store.

“We have put in a lot of rehearsal and clever thought behind the new experience. The Opera Mini browser has always kicked up the tempo when downloading pages; now the browsing flows along to a smooth, easy beat.”


So what exactly are fanboys getting if they download the app? Well, auto adapting for your iDevice's display for a start with optimised pages for iPhone 4s and iPads.

You'll also get faster smoother panning and zooming, share buttons for My Opera, Facebook or Twitter and "jazzed-up" skin and revamped Opera menus.

And if your confused, the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile is that Mini reduces pages down to around a tenth of their size, saving you on data and making surfing quicker, and Opera Mobile is the whole shebang, complete with HTML 5 bells and whistles.

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Opera Mini 6 for iOS is free, and is in the App Store now.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.