According to the Cornershop song Brimful of Asher, everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. However, in our world, we'd rather have a companion cube, android logo or iPhone app icon.

That's not to say we're not fond of a bosom or two, just that Craftsquatch has designed a whole range of "geeky, Internet inspired, icon pillows" and is offering them through its Etsy online shop for prices ranging from £10.80 all the way up £17.80 for one adorned with a Google icon. Postage and packing is obviously more depending on where you live - for example, it's around £6.99 per pillow for the UK, although there's a reduction for bulk buying.

There's pretty much one for every type of fanboy (or girl) too, with Facebook, Adobe Photoshop, Twitter and whole range of different iOS applications immortalised in cushion form.

However, Pocket-lint's favourite at the moment, the limited edition loveheart companion cube from Portal / Portal 2, is now sold out.

As each one is handcrafted though, we might just be able to convince Craftsquatch to get out its sewing kit once more.