Back in October Facebook announced that it had teamed up with Microsoft, with news that social network would become integrated within Bing.

At the time Mark Zuckerberg described Microsoft as "the underdog" and stated that the company was a "good ally" and a "good partner" to Facebook. Those words couldn't be more apparent now, as the Bing integration steps up a notch - at the same time Facebook's war with Google intensifies.

As well as now getting Facebook related results within Bing - such as links to associated Facebook people (friends and friends of friends) when you type names, or Facebook recommendations when searching for a movie, restaurant, venue and the like - you'll also now be able to see your pals' liked Amazon items as well as seeing which of your pals live near certain locations.

Bing Travel will now also let surfers compare their trips with their Facebook pals and if you like a city, flight deals can be sent to your Facebook feed. The Bing search tool bar also now has a “like” button to make the whole process easier.

For those concerned that Facebook is throwing their details around without a care, you'll have the option to not have Bing associated with your profile as well.

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