Kleenex is to utilise social media sites in order to give hay fever sufferers advice. The tissue brand will be creating an online support group on Facebook, and will offer a daily resource with advice from specialists including Jean Emberlin, director of the Pollen research Unit, an allergy nurse and acupuncturist.

In addition, the company will be actively helping Twitter users who display hay fever symptoms by offering them a "rescue kit", which will, naturally, along with other items, contain a pack of Kleenex tissues.

Speaking about its social media presence this summer, Christina Lecky, brand manager at Kleenex, said, "Our aim is to become the best place for sufferers to come and get advice, share their experiences and meet likeminded people."

That's if their eyes stop itching long enough for them to see the screen, of course.

Pic by Flickr / tranchis