Those of you who saw Pocket-lint judge the candidates' apps on The Apprentice last night will know that both teams chose to create audio-based time wasters as they only had one night for them to be finished. However, app developer Jampot has recreated both Slangatang and Ampi Apps using its user-generated sound board application on Android in a mere 5 minutes.

In addition, the company has made them available to download on Android Market. The original apps that featured on the show were only available for 24 hours back at the start of October.

Like the original applications created by Grapple, Jampot's Slang-A-Tang and Ampi Apps are offered for free. While the company's SoundBoom is 59p.

Obviously, these versions of the apps don't feature the original soundbites recorded by the candidates (although, in some cases, that's a blessing), but they show that it can be a doddle to create sound board apps using Jampot's software.

Now, let's see how long they can be made available for download before the Beeb pulls them... One... Two...

If you're a UK resident, you can catch up with the app challenge (and Pocket-lint's appearance) on The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer for the next seven days.

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