Do you know your Sinclair BASIC from your Commodore KERNAL, your Acorn MOS from your Atari 8-bit proprietary SIO interface?

Do you recognise the subtle differences between Jet Set Willy and Pitfall?

If so, you should don your pyjamas and turn up at the Museum of Computing in Swindon on Saturday 14 May at 8pm.

Nope, the museum isn't be remodelled into a lunatic asylum for 1980s nerds, but is instead playing host to the Bedroom Programming Challenge.

The official press info reads:

"The museum will be going back to the 1980's when machines such as the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore 64 were deadly rivals. This was a time when anybody with a talent for programming could write cool games in their bedroom and become a millionaire. Although not promising that, visitors will be be able to write their own computer game which will be entered into an online competition."

You don't need any programming knowledge, you'll be given a run through on the night.

Entry is £6 and that includes some pizza and some pop. The pyjamas are optional. But recommended.

It sounds like a night of retro nerding not to be missed.