The Telegraph has announced its brand spanking new iPad app - but it's bad news for fans of the old free app, this one is a premium offer and you'll have to cough up to get to the content.

The app itself is still free, but you'll have to pay £1.19 per issue or take out a monthly subscription for £9.99.

But, just as with the Time / Apple deal Pocket-lint told you all about earlier this week - subscribers to the paper version of The Telegraph will get free access to the digital content. Simply click on the "Subscriber" button, enter your Telegraph subscriber number and hit "validate".

As well as the news, the app also boasts video, pictures and interactive graphics, two crosswords per day and a night mode designed for reading in low light.

The premium offering has fuelled speculation that The Telegraph's website may end up behind a Times style paywall although Edward Roussel, digital editor of TMG stated that the decision is still in the balance.

"We haven’t formed a view," he said. "We have not made a decision. We are not for or against it. We are continuing to look at it."