Spotify may have ditched 7digital to go solo for its MP3 service, but the digital music specialist will still be offering mobile users the chance to buy tunes on the go, after it revamped its Android app to include an online music store.

The move means that Android users will have access to 7digital's 14 million strong MP3 catalogue from within the free app, and that users will be able to browse, preview (30 seconds), purchase and download tunes to their Android device, anytime and anywhere they've got a data connection.

Plus, you don't have to worry about a download eating into your 3G data allowance, you'll get a compressed version if you do any 3G buying, with a Wi-Fi version automatically being sent to your device once you're all Wi-Fied up. You can then sync your music to your other devices, or to your 7digital music locker.

"This major update to our Android application allows our customers to access and purchase high quality MP3 music, wherever they are, on their mobile or tablet device," said Ben Drury, 7digital CEO.

"7digital is now available natively on the BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets and now all Android devices can access the 7digital service.

"With new cloud features, this update is a major step towards our vision of giving our customers access to their entire music collection on all of their devices."

The new app is out now, with the store open for 16 countries including the UK and the US.