Shazam has announced that Android users will benefit from free unlimited tagging from now until January.

Previously, it was only users who coughed up a subscription fee for Shazam Encore who could tag away as much as they pleased, but the updated Android free app, and a sponsorship deal with eBay, means that it is now free for all.

Steve Yankovich, vice president of eBay Mobile said: "Like eBay, Shazam connects consumers with the content, products and information they want.  

"We are excited to sponsor Shazam’s Android App offering millions of consumers the chance to do even more of what they love, while expanding their ability to Shazam and share the music they’re most passionate about."

The updated app also means that Shazamers on Android can also now see what tunes their pals are tagging thanks to new Facebook integration.

Alex Musil, executive vice president of product marketing at Shazam said: "We’re pleased to offer Android Shazamers access to the Shazam Friends social feature, allowing them to share their music discoveries with their Facebook friends and family while discovering exciting new music and content themselves in a continuously updating feed."

We're pleased too - honestly we are. Let's get tagging.