Not down with Dropbox? Maybe you should try an alternative such as Wuala from storage expert LaCie - which has just seen the release of its very own Android app.

The app gives you access to all your stored files, as well as letting you upload all sorts of file types direct from your handset right up into the cloud.

And, don't worry about security as the app is fully encrypted, which seems to be the be the buzz word right now following the Apple and Sony security issues.

Wuala uses client-side encryption, which its makers say sets it apart from its rivals. This means that all your files are encrypted directly on your Android device.

If you're also rocking an iPhone or an iPad (heaven forbid an Android fan could also like Apple devices though) then you can also access your files on these too - as an app for iOS went live last month.

Like Dropbox, you'll get a certain amount of storage for nada - 1GB - before having to cough up.

It's in the Android Market now.