US based music video platform Vevo has finally seen a UK release - landing a plethora of platforms including your PC, tablet and smartphone. is now live, as is the mobile site that is optimised for your Android device, your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Although it's a work in progress at the moment, and is dominated by artists from the USA!, USA! - there is a fair amount of UK content on their too from the likes of Noah and the Whale, Ellie Goulding and Take That.

And, Vevo is promising that as time goes by, the site will evolve into a more localised Vevo for us Brits.

"Because the UK market is very different and very special, our aim is to make the platform chock-full of music videos, interviews, live events, competitions and much more, all from local artists - with some international superstars mixed in as well," read an official statement.

If you haven't tried Vevo yet, it's basically a Hulu for music videos, with three of the four major labels on board. You can create playlists of favourite videos and there is also the option to share your videos through Facebook or Twitter.

Plus, it often hosts music video premieres.

It's live now, give it a spin.