A brilliant story from New Zealand has caught our eye at Pocket-lint - one involving a supermarket minus any staff.

"Where's the tech angle?" we hear you ask. Well, the reason the supermarket didn't have any staff was that it wasn't supposed to be open. And the reason it was open was that computer timers unlocked the doors and booted up the self check-out kiosks.

Apparently, many of the patrons doing their shopping in the Pak ’n' Save in Hamilton, New Zealand didn't even notice a lack of employees on good Friday and successfully managed to check-out, although there were a few rotters who took advantage.

"They weren’t in for a free-for-all," said shop owner Glenn Miller. "They were doing their normal shopping and then got to the checkout. Half of them paid and the other half thought, `this is a good deal’ and walked out."

We're not sure if this is an example of when you shouldn't rely on computers, or an example of computers not needing to rely on humans.

Check-out girls worldwide beware though - your days are numbered. Isn't this how Terminator started?