If you ordered an iPad 2 on launch day then hopefully you should have it with you by now but what next? Apple's 2nd-gen tablet isn't all that different to the first iPad. Sure it's slimmer, lighter and faster, but the only other real change in terms of hardware is the cameras. So why is it that very few of the camera app makers have bothered upgrading to the big screen experience?

The software might work on the iPad 2, but most of them don't really make use of that large 9.7-inch screen. Essentially, they're just iPhone apps. So, Pocket-lint called up the top imagining apps' developers to find out when they're taking their software HD.


As well as hugely popular retro camera Hipstamatic, developer Synthetic also produces the SwankoLab app, which enables you to apply retro effects to existing photos on your phone, as well as Incredibooth, which takes camera booth-style snapshots. But, have any of these been given the iPad treatment yet? Synthetic told us:

"We ported over Incredibooth for iPad 2 already and added a fourth lens effect - it's pretty awesome.

"Porting over SwankoLab is on our 'to do' list. You can currently use Hipstamatic on the iPad but the reality is that the experience of holding an iPad like a camera isn't right. We are currently working on some new cool stuff that will be native to the iPad. We'll keep you updated."


This camera app lets you take a Polaroid-style snap and shake your iPhone to develop it and while the makers acknowledge the limitations of using this on the iPad, it highlights the photo editing properties instead, stating:

"The iPhone's size makes it particularly useful as a digital camera, however the limited screen size doesn't allow too much more beyond simply taking the photo.  The iPad's physical format makes it less of a point and shoot device - it's potential is more likely a photo editing and sharing device".

In other words, this is essentially an iPhone app, and it's likely to stay that way.


Video-sharing site Vimeo has been working on its first iPhone app for some time and delayed its launch by about year to make sure that everything was in place, but what about the iPad?

"Right now, the app is not optimised for larger screens. It’s really meant to be used on a phone."

We would expect to see an iPad app at some point, but if the time Vimeo took to get its iPhone app in order is anything to go by, then we could be waiting a while.

Apple Aperture/Final Cut Pro

Apple already offers the touchscreen-friendly Photo Booth built-in on the iPad 2, while its iMovie video editing app is available for download, priced at £2.99. But, does it have any plans to bring its Mac-only Aperture photo management software and Final Cut Pro video editing software to the iPad? An Apple spokesperson told us:

"I'm afraid it's not something we'd comment on."

Now, there's a surprise.

Adobe Photoshop Express

While Adobe already offers Photoshop Express as an iPhone app, it recently announced that it'll be launching a Software Development Kit (SDK) so that developers can build tablet apps to interact with its software for Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

"Adobe is extending the creative process beyond the desktop by helping integrate tablet devices into creative workflows,” says the company.

What that's alluding to is that the brand will soon be launching three new iPad apps that will create effects which can then be sent to Photoshop, to give a taste of what's possible. Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop enables you to create new colours as if your iPad was a painter's palette, while Adobe Eazel for Photoshop lets you draw a picture with your iPad, and Adobe Nav for Photoshop lets you create a custom set of controls and access menu bars live on your computer, to make your tablet a companion device rather than a solo one. This certainly sounds like a great move for Adobe, and the fact that the SDK will be available across different operating systems will please the Android tablet owers, too.


If you don't want to use the iPad 2's front-facing cam with FaceTime, then you might want to download the Skype for iPhone app. But, surely Skype is feverishly working away on an app that's designed specifically for the iPad? The VoIP giant told Pocket-lint:

"We're unable to make any further comment at this time".

It's certainly not a categorical 'no' and we would guess that an iPad app is something that we'll see at some point in the future but it seems that when, the company just won't say. In the meantime you can still use Skype for iPhone on the iPad, it's just that you'll find that some of the onscreen features just don't look quite as good as they could.

Are there any camera-based apps that you'd like to see optimised for the iPad 2?