Having said that Pocket-lint isn't a gambling site once already very recently, today's app is a casino game. Technically speaking, there's no gambling involved because you won't win any real money but the plus side is that a heavy addiction isn't going to cost you much either, in no small part because our app of the day also happens to be free.

Android Market

Everyone loves a bit of Texas Holdem and, if you don't, Live Holdem Poker Pro is an excellent way to start a perfectly unhealthy habit. With over 150,000 downloads, this live poker table experience for Android is the biggest and most popular on the smartphone platform and, so long as you've got a connection, you're guaranteed to find a game whenever you want one.

Once downloaded, you need to create a profile with the publisher, Dragonplay, who'll then set you up with a bunch of virtual chips for you to fritter away each day as you trash talk your way to loss/victory. Just in case the idea of cash you can't, um, cash, is too silly for you, then you can just play for ranking which brings with it all the trappings of status and in-game reverie as well as the opportunity to crow about your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

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On a more practical level, you can move the app to your SD card to save space on your mobile phone's internal memory and you can also set up a friends system to make sure you know the people you're playing against. You also get the assurance that Dragonplay will not hand over your email address to hordes of spammers, but you thought that went without saying, right?

Most of all, Live Holdem Poker Pro is a great time-passer and an excellent way to hone your skills for the day you start doing this for real.