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(Pocket-lint) - Evernote has just announced a shiny new version of its web app, bringing the platform more in line with what you're used to with your Evernote desktop client or mobile apps.

You'll now see the familiar three-pane setup when you open up the app in your browser; giving you notebooks down the left, a list of the notes in the middle and the notes themselves down the left. The search function is now found just above the notes list.

But it's not just a spring clean - there are some funky new features too:

- Notebooks Stacks: Visually group your notebooks into Stacks by either dragging one notebook onto another or by clicking on the arrow that shows up when you mouse over a notebook and choosing Add to Stack.

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- Snippet view: The note list Snippet View allows you to get a lot more useful information about your note without needing to open it–perfect for quick browsing.

- Saved Searches: Perform any searches that you’ve saved using a desktop version of Evernote by clicking into the Search bar. Saved searches will appear in a drop down list.

- Multi-selecting and dragging: The new Evernote Web allows you to select multiple notes by holding down the CMD key on Mac or the CTRL key on Windows as you click. Once you’ve selected the desired notes, you can drag these notes into a new notebook, tag or into the trash.

- Auto-save: When creating or editing a note you can now select whether you want Evernote to autosave your note as you write, or to save it manually. Choose your preferred mode by clicking on the Autosave switch above the note editor.

You can also now share your Evernote notes more easily using the share button, which gives you access to Facebook, email or to create URL links.

The Evernote blog also promises more changes down the line to re-introduce features that didn't make the new web version including filtering by note attributes, viewing your note history, attaching files, printing your note, and creating saved searches.

If you need any of these features in the meantime, you can switch back to the older version.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.